Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Speech Solidarity

A little change of pace here.

As noted by Capt. Ed on the excellent "Captain's Quarters" blog, Danish newspapers have reprinted the infamous editorial cartoon showing the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb wrapped in his turban, which set off riots around the Muslim world last year, in solidarity with the cartoonist who created the drawing after an alleged Islamist plot to assassinate him was foiled by Dutch authorities. As Capt. Ed writes, the Dutch papers, "...want to make the point that no one can intimidate them into silence."

Capt. Ed also notes that American media outlets have not been so brave in showing such solidarity as none of them have chosen to reprint the cartoon, nor have many outlets even reported on the arrests of the alleged assassins. Capt. Ed called on bloggers to take up some of the slack of the MSM and, "salute the courage of the Dutch on the front lines for free speech."

Here, here.

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